We are a social impact venture distributing locally produced water filters in Western Tanzania. Our love & passion compel us to approach every obstacle holistically & to create lasting change. Safe drinking water is not a privilege, it is a human right.


In 2014, students of the TU Munich recognized the severe drinking water contamination in Sub-Saharan Africa and that tackling this issue is crucial.
After 2 years of R&D and establishing contacts to leading NGOs, we started our pilot project in Kigoma, Western Tanzania. The idea was to produce and sell a organic filter based on a 19th century technology, which is continuously improved by institutions such as the MIT or the Princeton University.
In Kigoma, we learnt to assimilate to the local culture and infrastructure, and established a facility on the property of a local NGO to produce our filters.
In November 2018, we constructed our own water filter factory in Kasulu, a small town close to Kigoma,
This facility was visited & inspected by our European team in the spring of 2019.
Today there are several employees on site, supervised by our first Waterpreneur Adolf Yanda. He works closely with our local partners.
The project is coordinated from Munich and consists of 9 students working on a voluntary basis.
Our project aims to create local businesses that can one day run on its own, making us not permanent coordinators, but initiators.


A world where every man, woman & child has access to safe water. 


To end this crisis in our lifetime, we feel compelled to fight water contamination & create sustainable access to safe water.


We strive for transparency on all levels of decision making, putting 100% of all donations into the production & distribution of our filters.


To ensure sustainable and holistic change, our filters are handcrafted, by Tanzanians for Tanzanians. 
With only 25 filters sold per month are production facility is operating profitably.


Our Waterpreneurs are financially supported with a base salary with high incentives of increasing Production & Sales.
 This ensures financial stability from the beginning and financial freedom in the long-term.


Our collective currently consists of 9 students from the LMU and TU Munich, who all work with dedication on a volunteer basis.
We are always looking for talented and passionate people. Just send us an E-Mail about why you would be an awesome fit and we will get back to you asap!
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