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Vinzenz Trimborn

Providing clean drinking water at places where it is desperately needed is the essence of our mission. As a small social start-up in Kasulu, Tanzania we do not only try to achieve this goal by selling our water filters at an affordable price. Additionally, we work together with local and international non-governmental organizations, to distribute filters to medical institutions, schools and children homes. In the last few months, we worked together with the NGO “Medizinische Missionshilfe“, which accompanies local communities in their efforts towards independent development. Our common long-term goal is to improve the health situation in the region by enabling widespread access to safe drinking water. With their help, we were able to distribute our filters to a selected children’s home and a hospital in Matyazo, Tanzania, which are operated by the international NGO “Neukirchner Mission”.

Filter delivery in cooperation with Medizinische Missionshilfe

To increase the recognition value of our water filters and to ease proper usage at public institutions, our filter buckets are now branded with stickers which provide instructions on how to use and where to buy a water filter. With the distribution of the filters, our entrepreneur conducts a workshop with the children on the dangers and diseases of unsafe drinking water.

Our locale entrepreneur during a workshop at a local school

With donation to local institutions, we aim to raise awareness for the importance of safe drinking water in the local communities. It is important that members of the local communities do not only have access to safe drinking water at home but during the whole day. To improve the overall health situation, local workplaces and institutions need to provide access to safe drinking water as well. In most schools pupils still do not have access to safe drinking water but have to use contaminated wells for their water supply.

Main water source of a local school

In the long term

Waterfilter plans to engage in further campaigns that ensure that communities which do not have the financial means to afford a sufficient amount of filters, still benefit from our solution. We hope that more people in the rural region around Kasulu and Kigoma are aware of the importance of safe drinking water. Moreover, we believe that more people will desire our water filters when they use and get to know our filters in local institutions. Only then our local entrepreneur Adolf can run an independent business within his community.

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