We are a social impact venture distributing locally produced water filters in Tanzania. Our solution is simple, local and sustainable.
Safe water is not a privilege, it is a human right – and we are about to make this ideal a reality.


In addition to the filter, we offer a comprehensive service to not only educate the local population, but also offer them sustainable quality afterwards.


Our Waterpreneurs hold speeches about water and the consequences of contaminated water on a regular basis at schools, churches and other institutions.


Our filter isn't just a regular filter. It's an easy got produce solution for water decontamination world-wide. And yes, the water quality is certified. Our filter cleans water to 99.9%.


To ensure that the filter is properly cleaned and the quality does not deteriorate, the manufacturer takes over this process of maintenance as an additional service.


Simple concepts are often sufficient to solve a complex problem.
Only four materials are needed to produce a water filter: Clay, sawdust, water and silver nitrate.
Except silver nitrate, these resources can be sourced locally anywhere in the world.
In order to ensure the constant quality of the filter production, the water filter we use is pressed with a manual filter press.
The essential step for the functioning of the filter is burning at high temperatures, where the organic material burns and leaves micropores in the clay. The water is then filtered through these micropores and freed from all contamination.
To ensure that bacteria in particular, which can cause serious health damage even in small quantities, are killed beforehand, a thin layer of silver nitrate is applied to the water filter after firing. However, the small amount of silver nitrate does not enter the purified water through filtration and is proven to do no harm to the human organism.
In order to guarantee the high quality of the water filter, its effectiveness has already been tested several times and a purity of the filtered water of over 99% has been certified by the local water ministry.


Water can be purified from microbial contamination with local resources. This water filter is produced at the local site by our local Waterpreneurs and then sold in shops at a fair price. The basic materials for the construction of the filter are a plastic pipe, dried clay and coffee grounds. At the end of the day, this filter cleans water to 99.9%.


Locally produced by local Waterpreneurs with local resources


Certified filter performance of over 99% water purity


Cheaper than any other filter solution, and we're constantly reviewing our production to make it even cheaper


The idea of the Waterfilter existed ever since 2014. 
Between the years of 2015 and 2018, we successfully implemented our first pilot project in Kigoma, Tanzania. Lasting several years, it was a great opportunity to learn and adapt to the local culture and environment.
In the November of 2018 we moved our facilities to reach less developed regions with a higher rate of poverty and waterborne diseases. Our first project is currently running in Kasulu, Tanzania. Here a filter production facility has been established with necessary machinery and a sensible infrastructure. Now, standardised production is taking place locally and the population in the Kigoma region can be supplied with clean drinking water by our products.
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The aim and very foundation of our project is to ensure that it is economically viable and thus achieves a sustainable effect.
Our local Waterpreneur, Adolf Yanda, fabricates the water filters locally in our very own and first Waterfilter Factory. No imports, no dependency.
The local business is self-supporting from 30 filter sales per month, since two waterpreneurs earn a middle-class income and small reserves are created for irregular expenses.
In order to generate these sales, long-term contact with existing customers is important in addition to educational work, because convinced and satisfied customers can act as multipliers.
In addition, it is important to remind customers of the expiry of the two-year efficiency guarantee of the filter. Thus the quality of the filtered water is ensured on a long-term basis and follow-up purchases are generated.


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